Py: Learn to Code in Swift, Python, HTML and More! App Reviews

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Lots of potential, horribly buggy

For a programming app, this is incredibly buggy. I like the lessons, but it's inexcusable to have so many errors. I've sent several screenshots to the developer. I hope they fix these quickly! I've had several occasions where I can't move on in a lesson because of the numerous bugs and had to quit the lesson.

beginner coder

so far i'm loving the experience. super educational. Best thing I'm making process

Still in development

Existing lessons are good, but app needs more fine tuning and content. Submitted errors to developers in grammar and answer feedback. Attempted to access a few modules in trial mode but no content despite module being listed and described, including Advanced Python and SQL modules (among many others). Also, Python Interview module was marked as beginner but content did not contain information that I had learned in Intro Python module (which I fully completed). Forced me to guess answers with no real explanation for further learning so felt like a waste of a module as a beginner. App could be great in the future but still has a long way to go in development.

Why advanced python missing from iPhone app?

I am using this app with iPad and iPhone I cannot find advanced python Course from iPhone app? Reinstall solved the issue

Yay thanks for this app

It is so lit

needs work

Some areas don't let you proceed past because you cannot enter text. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Response to developer: There is no in-app chat for free. The chat icon leads to pitch for premium account. One area where you can't proceed is near the end of Git- adding 2 where it asks you to " Add all the PDF files...". I'll email screen shots.

Simple & Great!

I downloaded this app because I wanted to touch-up on a couple of languages. This app is a perfect tool to learn how to code, especially for beginners AND experts. Greatest platform for learning how to code.


I always wanted to find a app like this to be useful

Great app!!

I just love it. Is fast and easy

Best app for bite-sized learning tech

Amazing UX for learning coding, big data etc. Simple. Well-designed and organized into achievable lessons. Makes it fun and very minor bugs w/ feedback. So happy I found this app last month.

Minimal Python content

I purchased the app to fill in some gaps in my Python knowledge. I finished the two available Python levels during two commutes. The content did not cover things like Big O notation which are in the starter test and the Python interview section. I like the format but the information is too simple and not deep enough. Advanced Python section is a fairly cursory overview of more advanced topics. I'm going to stop my subscription and check back later to see if they improve their content.


I like it. Reminds me of one of my favorite "language" learning apps *wink wink*.

Best learn-to-code app on the iTunes market

(1) Does not require you to sign in/give your email address for a pointless account (2) A lot of content is, thankfully, not behind a paywall, so users know the quality of content they will be paying for should they desire to continue using the app (2.5) There are NO ads (3) UI is clean and well designed (4) There are many ways to play around with the code (5) The breadth of topics covered is astounding... everything from HTML, Swift, Python, Git, cmd, R, etc.


I was getting excited going through python, but soon in the middle of the lesson it tells me the other 50% of Python was a "premium only feature", smfh. Terrible app.

Really nice for those who wanna learn a lil

Took a coding class in school for java but wanted to learn a lil about HTML and this is a great app for that

New update

The new update is awesome!! I would definitely recommend this for one of the apps to learn code on. It takes you step by step on the code you want to learn and it seems like it organizes code from the easiest to the hardest. Also, it gives a good amount of languages to learn. Overall it's a great app!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁

Learning to code

I've always had an aversion to code and programming, but this app changed all that. It's method of explaining each principle (specifically Python for me) in short bytes has helped me take the time I need to understand. Sincerely appreciate how it's laid out each subject and the challenges to reinforce what you've just covered. Thank you so much!

Avoid for now

Promising, but broken and extremely limited. Worst of all, bug reporting is behind a laughably high pay wall. Take it from an experienced programmer, there are MANY better ways to learn any of the things this App has to offer.

Great app, too expensive

Py is an effective app to learn Python but with the new monthly subscription model above $12.00, it's a no go. :(

Updated review: Fixed and great

Reportes a bug here, developers fixed it within 24hrs. Love this app, best coding app. Hope for more content.

Great but one problem.

If you are learning to code or learning a new language, this is amazing. The one problem is that you are never really typing code. If you are going to use this, get a computer to test and experiment while learning. Testing and experimenting is the best way to learn how to code, so don't just use the app. If used like a guide, it's amazing.

Brandon Butch

this youtuber talked about this app and i cane here to try it ... Hope this app is great 👍

Thanks Brandon!!!!

I'm learning c langueges thesedays and this app helps me a lot!!! And design is simple:) i love this app

Not worth the time or effort!

When I started using this app everything was free. Then it updated and multiple topics were removed, the update also removed most of my progress and at this point began charging....ha. I complained about the lost data to support but got a bot answer that had nothing to do with what I needed help with. I waited a couple weeks for the developers to iron out the bs. Came back to find the rest of my progress erased. Hours and hours of progress for nothing. So I went back to the tech support 'person' (BOT) to ask how to retrieve my progress, only to find that the Bumbling BOT is also part of the pay features. BOO! This app seemed like a promising way to stay productively learning but ultimately wasted multiple hours of my time.

Pretty good

Pretty good

Great app and excellent customer service.

Just started using this app. I had a question and got an answer back within a few minutes. Fun to use also and well designed. I like the small lessons so you can get one in when you have a short break. My only suggestion would be to add a Next button instead of automatically advancing once a question is answered. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to reread to see what you did wrong or to try the alternate choices just to see what happens. Update: Just finished! This app is fun and teaches you a lot. My earlier request has already been addressed and now you can go back easily and see previous lessons.

Love it

I really don't write these things often but just had to for this one. It's really easy to follow and honestly teaches enough of the basics to really get going. I love the ease of navigating the app and adding new courses when I finish one. 10/10 would recommend to all my techy friends.

Great little app, 1 question though

I've really enjoyed dabbling with this app. Very smooth and intuitive, easy to use for a coding novice. I do have one question though: I allowed the app to send reminders so that I practice daily, but the app alerts me at midnight! How do I adjust that?

App Crashes

In the Python exercise #1, the app crashes every time when I try to get though it.

Great Tool

Love Py. This app changed the way I approach learning a new skill. The team really hit it out of the park with this one. Would love to see them branch this idea into many fields.


Muy fácil de usar y contenido muy fácil de entender

Love it simple and sweet!!

I love the classes in this app they are simple and easy to learn plus with the feed back button it makes telling you guys so much easier if something is wrong or to hard! Now I would love to pay for a deeper like into programming because I want to learn how to make a game can you make a class on that please? Something simple like a flappy bird or something turn based I pay like $3.99 for that class!!!!

Duolingo for coding

It's like the Duolingo for learning to code. Very similar feel with the look, progress bar and instant feedback . I like it :)


How did you add HTML and JavaScript yet skip CSS? This is NEEDED. That's unacceptable. Besides that major deal, the app is pretty good for learning some of the basics.

nicely done

engaging and will likely make you come back to it

Great fun

Nice tutorials. Easy to use on the fly.

Awesome app

Great content. This changed my life. I wish this existed for every skill set.

TFW the Ease of Use...

The ease of use and simplicity of Py increases the desire to learn coding. I love the notification option to remind me to spend time in the app. I can't wait for the results and am excited for the future of the app.

Love it

Overall great app. Very user friendly. I am sharpening my Python skills along with learning some Swift. But since yesterday I am experiencing troubles using the exercises: the screen is blocked, the app doesn't respond and causing other apps to crash. Very annoying.

Not for the first-time programmer

App is very well presented, but many concepts are assumed on the user. If you have never programmed before, this app is going to be a bit confusing – try some HTML to learn a few fundamentals before giving this a try.

Good content, and much easier to report issues

First, the minuses: **EDIT** There aren't any! 1. **EDIT** The CEO replied to a thread on PH and stated: "We're fixing the send feedback function in the app so it opens an email form. This is a bug and wasn't intentional." Fixed in version 5.3.1! You apparently can't send feedback in the app without a premium subscription - we're not talking "I have a question about this content", I mean "There is x problem, thought you might want to know." 2. **EDIT** As per developer response, they've updated their site, and it no longer throws this error! Tapping "App Support" in the App Store took me to '', which gave me an "AccessDeniedAccess" error page (on 2017-06-19, if it's fixed by the time anyone reads this). 3. **EDIT** This is resolved in version 5.3.1 - excellent! There's a couple spots where the post-answer info (in the ribbon) cuts off mid-sentence, and there doesn't seem to be any way to see it all; trying to scroll just results in moving the ribbon up and down. Now, the pluses: I've completed a number of courses, and I really like being able to see the output as you change variables. I also like the "put these operations in order to get the desired result" and "can you spot the line with the error in it"-type questions. Most of the content has a nice, gradual, logical flow as you build upon information from lesson to lesson (though I'll say that the SQL lesson takes a sharp uptick in difficulty later on, requiring guesswork). It's been a pleasure so far, other than the above niggles.

Very good

I love it, so good, easy , not complicate, Thanks . I just have a advice for you ! What if you add a dictionary in the app to translate the words for who don't speak English very good.

Bugs, just focus on coding interviews

Bugs: - Answer Banners don't display all its text, gets cut off - when you "review", you can't see the question immediately before, even though questions in code interview track are dependent on previous q's Just focus on coding interviews and DS -- why try and compete with codeacademy on Python?

Good for the absolute beginner

The app is good if you have literally never looked at any code before (in my case JavaScript) if you know JavaScript already and just want to learn some more this isn't for you. Also wish it taught ES6 seeing as how that is the future. Also on their website it says it can teach anything from design to coding. I chose coding when I first opened the app and now it doesn't let me even look at design stuff. (If it does it's not intuitive) the app is well made though and looks good.

Similar to DuoLingo

I think they used the same template as Duolingo, how the green bar thing at the top and the skill bubbles. Not saying it's bad, in fact, i really like this kind of lay out. It's easy to find a skill and strengthen it.

Great app to learn!

I admit I've only completed the Swift content but I enjoyed the bite sized lessons. The developers are responsive and I can't wait to see what's in store for the students!

User Friendly UI and Stellar Customer Support

The UI is great. Easy on the eyes and not overwhelming. The content is well outlined but is shorter than I had hoped. Customer support was immediate and thoughtful. Can't wait to see the intermediate level modules!

So far so good

Just blazed and I'm learning Swift like a very smart 4th grader.

Beautiful Interface

This app is great for newbies and coders alike, mainly occurring in snippets, depending on your choice in the daily reminders. I have only tried HTML, but look forward to all of the other lessons as I finish this one. Highly recommend this app to anyone looking to improve or learn about writing code. The one issue I have experienced is the way that the drag and drop feature works. When you try to drag answer tags (in the HTML course for example) during a practice exercise to one of the blank fields that is not visible on the screen, you cannot scroll up while holding/dragging the tag. The app should recognize, when dragging, that you need to view an element off screen and scroll up or down automatically.

Love the UI

Hey guys if you're reading this, I really love how clean the app works and I like the content. It's very...hmmm how can I explain, friendly? Thanks!!!

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