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Don’t upgrade or you will lose $$

Loved the free version. Upgraded to premium but app wouldn’t let me unlock the premium features...emailed support twice and no response so deleted app.

Very good application for beginners

I love this application, it’s a lot better than any other application on App Store. But my interest is Java , unfortunately very few lessons and questions about Java. I hope you will add more Java related stuff in next updates. Need more Beginner level java and a lot of intermediate levels please.

Good for learning and comprehension

I like this app because it’s not just copy and paste. It can tell if you don’t know materials. In addition, I really enjoy the diverse course selection and interview prep lessons that are great for on the go practice and warm ups before coding sessions! Great app!

Update: Progress Lost

After getting a new phone, all my progress has been lost. My profile still exists along with several badges. However, most of my hardwork and time has been lost in the transfer. I enjoy this app, but I will have to stick with the apps that saved my progress:(

A must have for new language learners

This is one extremely good app out there. I’m learning Python and this app made it a whole lot easier to learn something new.

Nice intro for beginners

Starts very basic, but provides a nice intro to programming in several languages.

Looks good but

None of the fill in the blank questions work for me, so it makes the app unusable as I cannot progress.

really good app


Can’t Use All Features

The app works fine, but when trying to access all of the paid features, nothing seems to work. Its like I paid for nothing.


The hamlet course is bugged. Won't let you drag and drop at the <p> section. Does nothing when you trying and drop it.

Great content, star count

Enjoy the content of the app however after completing the courses it seems the star/scoring count is off (completing all 3 stars for every lesson in a course but still says resume or continue and the status bar will have 24/30 vs 30/30). I tried reaching out to see why but haven’t heard a response. Hoping leaving a review will help answer this question.

Good app to show you how to make apps

This app is helping with the basics and starts you off with good practice

Good but u should know:

This is the best coding learning I’ve ever seen, everything is great but there is something you should be careful about, some syntax need to be written in the first of the line and if there is be blank space before it, it won’t be executed ( Python: else if lesson) and True and False must be written in first word capitalized, This app don’t warn you about that, Good luck.



Great App

I’m using this app and I love it. It’s a great all for beginners like myself with no experience. I’m learning how to program from it.


This app has a lot of potential but navigating through the menus is virtually impossible due to extreme lag. Also, though the content is informative, many lessons, especially python interview, do not give the student any basis for understanding these concepts (relating to algorithms and data structures). The content is overall incomplete and I wouldn't spend money on this.

Casual and fun

Poor title for a review, but this app is awesome. In between classes my time is actually spent doing something productive.

Love it, but buggy UI

I’m using this app to refresh on some basics and am loving it so far. I have had several issues with the UI though, especially on fill in the blank questions. I’m almost finished with a lesson, but can’t go any further because the UI isn’t recognizing me dragging the input into a field. Bummer. Could be something to do with the new iOS 11.1 though. My interface has been screwing up in general since the update.

Doesn't work on 9.3.5 (Pad2)

Can load, open and register, but drop and drag answers doesn't work at all, making app useless on ipad2. Too bad cause it looks interesting.


I will PayPal you guys a dollar for no reason.


very very good✌🏻😘❤️


It’s fun, easy, and very hands on. You can learn how to code just about anything for free. There are a few courses that require premium but buying premium also gets you 1 on 1 Mentoring if you need help. I love this app, it gets pretty funny sometimes. This helps me out a-lot!

Easy and simple but needs some improvement

I couldn't even hit the feedback button, did not load anything Should really interagate a back button on lessons, it's hard to understand some content at times and it would be nice to go back on a pages. Maybe there is a back button that I'm unaware of? Should also add some sort of collaboration with others on some sort of projects would be interesting, other than that i really enjoy the app and it's options of lesson. Very easy to use which is nice. Keep it up.

Latest update makes this unusable

This app is suddenly incredibly slow and constantly crashing after the latest update. I’ll update if they fix this because it used to be a rather good app. But at this point you’re wasting your time, and more importantly your money, on this buggy, laggy, crashing app.

Great app

Learn quickly

Great, but has one issue

I have learned a bit in 2 days. This app is helpful, but the background refresh is incredibly slow. Same with returning to the course list after completing at least 1 lesson. It takes a bit for the lesson progress bar to refresh... Otherwise this would get 5 stars.

Good Idea, but still buggy

On iOS 9, The very first Python lesson is broken. I can't get past the first lesson. Tapping and dragging do not work for "fill in the blank" questions. Other languages don't seem to be affected because they don't make use of this feature. Further, the in-app "send feedback" button is broken. I wouldn't have posted this as a review, but I was unable to send feedback directly.

A good idea but poor quality

Many errors and incomplete content. Hope the author spends more time on the teaching part than eager of earning money.

Great for beginners! 4.75

It’s really easy to learn early Python concepts but I would prefer writing more code over drag/drop and multiple choice to ensure I know the material. This may change later as I’m still very early but I’ll try and remember to update my review!

Recommended it to the coding bootcamp

Definitely my favorite of the coding, html, css sector of applications in regards to learning. well organized and beautiful to look at.

Nice UI

Intuitive and thorough

Lots of potential, horribly buggy

For a programming app, this is incredibly buggy. I like the lessons, but it's inexcusable to have so many errors. I've sent several screenshots to the developer. I hope they fix these quickly! I've had several occasions where I can't move on in a lesson because of the numerous bugs and had to quit the lesson.

beginner coder

so far i'm loving the experience. super educational. Best thing I'm making process

Still in development

Existing lessons are good, but app needs more fine tuning and content. Submitted errors to developers in grammar and answer feedback. Attempted to access a few modules in trial mode but no content despite module being listed and described, including Advanced Python and SQL modules (among many others). Also, Python Interview module was marked as beginner but content did not contain information that I had learned in Intro Python module (which I fully completed). Forced me to guess answers with no real explanation for further learning so felt like a waste of a module as a beginner. App could be great in the future but still has a long way to go in development.

Why advanced python missing from iPhone app?

I am using this app with iPad and iPhone I cannot find advanced python Course from iPhone app? Reinstall solved the issue

Yay thanks for this app

It is so lit

needs work

Some areas don't let you proceed past because you cannot enter text. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Response to developer: There is no in-app chat for free. The chat icon leads to pitch for premium account. One area where you can't proceed is near the end of Git- adding 2 where it asks you to " Add all the PDF files...". I'll email screen shots.

Simple & Great!

I downloaded this app because I wanted to touch-up on a couple of languages. This app is a perfect tool to learn how to code, especially for beginners AND experts. Greatest platform for learning how to code.


I always wanted to find a app like this to be useful

Great app!!

I just love it. Is fast and easy

Best app for bite-sized learning tech

Amazing UX for learning coding, big data etc. Simple. Well-designed and organized into achievable lessons. Makes it fun and very minor bugs w/ feedback. So happy I found this app last month.

Minimal Python content

I purchased the app to fill in some gaps in my Python knowledge. I finished the two available Python levels during two commutes. The content did not cover things like Big O notation which are in the starter test and the Python interview section. I like the format but the information is too simple and not deep enough. Advanced Python section is a fairly cursory overview of more advanced topics. I'm going to stop my subscription and check back later to see if they improve their content.


I like it. Reminds me of one of my favorite "language" learning apps *wink wink*.

Best learn-to-code app on the iTunes market

(1) Does not require you to sign in/give your email address for a pointless account (2) A lot of content is, thankfully, not behind a paywall, so users know the quality of content they will be paying for should they desire to continue using the app (2.5) There are NO ads (3) UI is clean and well designed (4) There are many ways to play around with the code (5) The breadth of topics covered is astounding... everything from HTML, Swift, Python, Git, cmd, R, etc.


I was getting excited going through python, but soon in the middle of the lesson it tells me the other 50% of Python was a "premium only feature", smfh. Terrible app.

Really nice for those who wanna learn a lil

Took a coding class in school for java but wanted to learn a lil about HTML and this is a great app for that

New update

The new update is awesome!! I would definitely recommend this for one of the apps to learn code on. It takes you step by step on the code you want to learn and it seems like it organizes code from the easiest to the hardest. Also, it gives a good amount of languages to learn. Overall it's a great app!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁

Learning to code

I've always had an aversion to code and programming, but this app changed all that. It's method of explaining each principle (specifically Python for me) in short bytes has helped me take the time I need to understand. Sincerely appreciate how it's laid out each subject and the challenges to reinforce what you've just covered. Thank you so much!

Avoid for now

Promising, but broken and extremely limited. Worst of all, bug reporting is behind a laughably high pay wall. Take it from an experienced programmer, there are MANY better ways to learn any of the things this App has to offer.

Great app, too expensive

Py is an effective app to learn Python but with the new monthly subscription model above $12.00, it's a no go. :(

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