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Great App

Good free app for coding, no real problems with it

No instruction, just quizzes

Please understand that this app is quizzes only. There is no instructional material. The depth of questions in the app is extremely limited. What’s there is fine, but the length of time they claim you’ll spend is way overstated, and you’ll only just scratch the surface. Do yourself a favor and DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A SUBSCRIPTION.



Not working

I can't drag the words to fill the blank, I tired reaching the support team but I was left with no answer



Best app ever!

For beginers it’s the best app!

The app is great, But...

I’m a beginner programmer from Russia and I learn Python course by the help of this app and one recommended book. So, the app runs smooth and nice (iphone6s), the interface is also fine, nevertheless I want to have an ability of watching my daily statistics, like how much time I put in learning yesterday and did I fulfill my daily goal. Also, I’d buy the premium subscription if the price would be lower.

This is awesome

I’m learning Py by this application. I also have courses of Py from udemy, but this app helps me to learn on my way to work and spare time, easy with my beloved phone

Does not work

Joined specifically for Python; however, the very first lesson asks you to "drag" or "fill in the blank" and the system does not recognize the dragging or typing. Tried to send feedback, but the link is not working. Would be great if they fix this.

The “resume” button does not function.

When switching between topics it did not resume from where I had left off. The “resume” button did/does not seem to function. The content otherwise seems good.

Good, but broken

Py is excellent for introductions, but fails to teach even some topics it quizzes on. Additionally, the feedback button is broken, as is Exercise 11 in Python. One question will not accept an answer, so I can’t use the app anymore at all. It really is too bad, as I enjoyed what I could do.

Good App but Laggy

This app gave me some fresh programming knowledge, although it’s full of lag, especially when switching windows.

Amazing app! It’s tidy and interesting.

I love it!! It matched my expectations. Great platform for new learners.

Major bugs

Needs buttons fixed. Moveable buttons in lessons can’t be placed any more. Hovering them over a button slot then releasing just returns the button to its original position. Please fix

Unable to fill in the blank by drag and drop

At the beginning the app works perfect. But at the 2nd day, all the quests need to be completed by drag and drop doesn’t work. I’ve tried to kill the app and restart, everything is the same, the error is still existing. Even I reboot my iPhone, the issue couldn’t be fixed. Only solution left is reinstall. Will update when have a try.


I really enjoy this app and learning on it because you know many out world will be full of robots and all the jobs will be taken except for coders so yeah

Wonderful app

Py makes learning Python simple and easy. It’s like playing a game almost.

My Premium Subscription won’t work

Today I subscribed to premium using a discount code I found online. The code I used was WEEBLY, and it seemed to be working fine until I opened the app again and it told me to subscribe.

The worst customer service

I’ve never written a review before but since they response after months or so to my complaints, then I had to. Stay aways from this app. It’s not worth it due to the horrible customer service which obviously cares only about money.


I really enjoy this app, it’s great for me when I’m stuck on a certain things in swift , usually refresh my memory with a lesson.

Beautiful and good material

The look and feel of this app is top notch though there are a few issues with it at least on iPhone 7 running iOS 11.3. 1. Currently on the lessons I’ve tested (JS and REST API) the slides sometimes fail to render both text and “fill in the blank” sections but that usually can be corrected by quitting the lesson or app and relaunching. 2. This may be intentional because I’m not subscribed yet but the Exp progress bar does not update and is stuck at what looks like 95% with 3200/2500. This app still gets 5 stars for me because it has clear and to the point content and looks and feels better designed than all of the other “code learning” apps out there.

Usefully apps for beginners

I totally don’t know anything about coding, and I even doubt I could understand anything about coding, but this application helped me, this is very useful for beginners just like me.


It is helpful

Second day

So far this is fantastic. I like the process (a lot like other language learning apps) and how it asks me where I am in my knowledge. I’m reserving the other star only because I’m so new to using it. I’ve already recommended it to my wife.

Too easy

Well designed. Addicting like DuoLingo. Some bugs in questions. As a JS programmer, the Python lessons are still extremely easy. There might be hard lessons hiding behind the premium wall, but I don’t want to spend money unless there’s a guarantee of this.

Great Learning Experience (so far)

I'm only at the beginning of the iOS curriculum but I have to say that I have a very good impression so far of the developer's understanding of instructional design. The chunking of information, gamification, and use of mixed media looks well thought through. Also, on a subjective note, I love the whitespace.

Great idea but buggy

Very elegant way to learn coding interactively on phone. But needs improvement and an ability to reinforce what is learned with real coding. Bugs -Stars on user summary page don’t match stars earned -Sometimes pages don’t fully load -Sometimes you get an error when your answer is correct, but reloading the App allows it to pass. -Freezes occasionally Wish List -Provide a cheat sheet or reference of all that was taught at the end of each lesson. -Provide exercises for practice in a desktop coding environment.

Great app but it needs improvement

I love using this app on my commute but I find myself restarting the exercise or the app bc the problem didn't load properly or it would freeze.

Great app

I haven't done coding in over 18 years and this app makes me feel like will be coding aging. Thank you

One year instead of one month

I've just finished the free part of Python and I was happy with free part so I was about to upgrade it to one month to finish the Python it shows that the price is 3.99 per month but it keep force me to pay for full one year 39.99 I don't want to learn Python for one year I will finish all courses less than one month so praying for one year is paying for something that you don't use it, so I am not happy with their decision

It’s a scam.

No answers in the live chat and my progress was erased.

Awesome app!

First of all, this is not fake review! I have seen many fake reviews posted by creators of apps to make their app seem better. This app has great functionalities, and is just plain awesome. I am a kid in Indiana who loves video games, and wants to learn how to create them. If you want to learn to code in Python, you’ve got the right app!

Remove dlc

Learning programming should be free. Even if you have a free trial with a few free modules, the app should be completely free. Also, if you’re going to have most of it cost money, at least make it a one time payment. Or even make the app itself cost money so that you know it’s not free. I’ve seen a lot of apps like these, and almost all of them require money to have all of the tutorials. If you want a free app like this that is great, try SoloLearn. It is completely free with no in app purchases. (This is not advertising, I just want to recommend a free one)

Just Started

I just started, but I love the way that this teaches programming.

Works perfect

Simple to use and works great

Don’t upgrade or you will lose $$

Loved the free version. Upgraded to premium but app wouldn’t let me unlock the premium features...emailed support twice and no response so deleted app.

Very good application for beginners

I love this application, it’s a lot better than any other application on App Store. But my interest is Java , unfortunately very few lessons and questions about Java. I hope you will add more Java related stuff in next updates. Need more Beginner level java and a lot of intermediate levels please.

Good for learning and comprehension

I like this app because it’s not just copy and paste. It can tell if you don’t know materials. In addition, I really enjoy the diverse course selection and interview prep lessons that are great for on the go practice and warm ups before coding sessions! Great app!

Update: Progress Lost

After getting a new phone, all my progress has been lost. My profile still exists along with several badges. However, most of my hardwork and time has been lost in the transfer. I enjoy this app, but I will have to stick with the apps that saved my progress:(

A must have for new language learners

This is one extremely good app out there. I’m learning Python and this app made it a whole lot easier to learn something new.

Nice intro for beginners

Starts very basic, but provides a nice intro to programming in several languages.

Looks good but

None of the fill in the blank questions work for me, so it makes the app unusable as I cannot progress.

really good app


Can’t Use All Features

The app works fine, but when trying to access all of the paid features, nothing seems to work. Its like I paid for nothing.


The hamlet course is bugged. Won't let you drag and drop at the <p> section. Does nothing when you trying and drop it.

Great content, star count

Enjoy the content of the app however after completing the courses it seems the star/scoring count is off (completing all 3 stars for every lesson in a course but still says resume or continue and the status bar will have 24/30 vs 30/30). I tried reaching out to see why but haven’t heard a response. Hoping leaving a review will help answer this question.

Good app to show you how to make apps

This app is helping with the basics and starts you off with good practice

Good but u should know:

This is the best coding learning I’ve ever seen, everything is great but there is something you should be careful about, some syntax need to be written in the first of the line and if there is be blank space before it, it won’t be executed ( Python: else if lesson) and True and False must be written in first word capitalized, This app don’t warn you about that, Good luck.



Great App

I’m using this app and I love it. It’s a great all for beginners like myself with no experience. I’m learning how to program from it.

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